Products With a Purpose

Welcome to the largest selection of Zero-Waste, Eco-friendly packing and moving alternatives in America! All of our products are made in America from recycled, post consumer/industrial end of life trash. We mine local landfills and waste streams to offer the replacement for all of those expensive and wasteful packing and moving products like new and used cardboard boxes, petroleum based bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts.

We've even eliminated that fussy and expensive packing tape from your moving experience. We're giving new meaning to the 4R's of recycling by converting massive amounts of post consumer trash into a new untapped resource- one that detoxes our landfills, preserves our limited natural resources and provides the first Zero-Waste, environmentally friendly packing and moving alternative. We're "Detoxing our Landfills" to make all of our Earth-friendly packing and moving alternatives that will make your upcoming move cheaper, faster and easier without trashing our planet!

By "Detoxing our Landfills" to make products with a purpose, we're making an immediate and positive impact on our ecology, environment and economy. We're in business to green your upcoming move and provide you with the most comprehensive Zero-Waste packing and moving solution in America. Welcome to our Sustainable Zero-Waste Products with a purpose!



Recopacks started the Zero-Waste cheaper, faster and easier pack and move revolution that's sweeping America and eliminating the need to wasteful cardboard boxes that end up packing in our landfills.

Recopacks are the replacement for using new or used cardboard boxes when you pack and move anything. Crafted in 3 consumer friendly sizes, pre-assembled with comfortable handles, require no tape to seal and protect your property in transit and easy to label and identify your contents throughout your move. Recopacks are crush and tear proof, water and dust resistant and are designed to maximize truck capacity for more efficiency. They're lightweight, easy to pack, stack and nest. Our world famous Recopacks will make your move cheaper, faster and easier than using new or used cardboard boxes.

Recopacks are rented for 2 week blocks (14 total days), delivered for free to your ground floor and then picked up for free when you're done. Before and after each move, Recopacks are hand inspected and de-labeled, cleaned, sanitized and then rented again and again, actually up to 400 round trip uses before we grind them up to make another Recopack.

Instead of using our trees to make new cardboard boxes that are used once, maybe twice and then dumped into a landfill, we're using trash to create the first Zero-Waste, Guilt Free packing and moving alternative in America! We're excited that you've chosen to be part of the solution by Renting-A-Green Box and using our fun and original packing and moving alternatives.

Recopack: Medium

Recopack Medium

Dimension: [ 23.5 long x 16 wide x 13 deep ]

Best Residential Use: Ideal for small objects that when grouped together become heavy. Excellent for valuable collections, small electronics, office items, small picture frames and objects of art.

Examples: Smaller reading books, cook books, cd's, dvd's, old vinyl records, collectables, coin and stamp collections, hobbies, craft supplies, business files, small office electronics, small and heavy house decor items, and bathroom items.

Maximum Load Weight: 40 pounds inside the Recopack

Stacking Height on Recodolly: 4 Recopacks Maximum

Stacking Height on Truck: 6 Recopacks Maximum

Recopack: Large

Recopack Large

Dimensions: [ 27 long x 17 wide x 13 deep ]

Best Residential Use: Ideal for most household items. This is our main packing box for residential moves. This is the ideal box for kitchen and most household items.

Examples: Kitchenwares like dishes, glasses, pots, pans, housewares, household decor and medium framed pictures. Business legal and letterhead files and board games are ideal for our large Recopack.

Maximum Load Weight: 50 pounds inside the Recopack

Stacking Height on Recodolly: 4 Recopacks Maximum

Stacking Height on Truck: 6 Recopacks Maximum

Recopack: Extra Large:

Recopack Extra Large

Dimensions: [ 28 long x 20.5 wide x 15 deep ]

Best Residential Use: Ideal for light weight but bulky items. Our Extra Large Recopack can easily be over packed and difficult to move in and out of smaller doorways. This is one of the largest consumer hand held moving boxes in the industry.

Examples: Soft goods like linens, bed spreads, pillows, towels, folded clothes, shoes, belts, purses and personal accessories.

Maximum Load Weight: 70 pounds inside the Recopack

Stacking Height on Dolly: 4 Recopacks Maximum

Stacking Height on Truck: 6 Recopacks Maximum

Geami Packing Paper

"the replacement for petroleum based bubble wrap and Styrofoam wrapping"

Sold in 150 foot rolls

Price per roll $25.00


This amazing sustainable and Earth-friendly packing paper is the replacement for petroleum based bubble wrap and Styrofoam wrapping. The word "Geami " means "Friends of the Earth" and the way this paper works for the environment- it should be called "Best Friends" of the Earth. Made from 100% recyclable and sustainable fibers from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), this paper is best used for higher-end breakables like china, porcelain, expensive stemware and family heirlooms. Used by Disney, Pottery Barn and William Sonoma because it works and is one of the greenest packing alternatives in America. If your property has sentimental or emotional importance to you, we highly recommend wrapping in Geami paper, so you can pack and move your valuables with piece of mind. With Geami, no tape is required since it works like velcro. Just pull, wrap, tear and tuck any edge into one side and you're all done. Most clients save it after unpacking in large bags for shipping gifts and breakable items throughout the year. If you don't want to save your Geami, please pack the paper in on our Recopacks and we'll recycle it into another cool, sensible and practical Zero-Waste packing alternative made from your 100% recycled post consumer trash.



"the replacement for petroleum foam padding"

Our sheet of compostable packing cubes is made from 100% recycled newspaper sludge and it's the replacement for petroleum based Styrofoam packing peanuts or corn based bio-degradable packing materials. Most newspaper sludge is either dumped in a landfill or burned at a local incinerator. We have a better, greener solution by using this waste to make our famous recocubes. Easy to fold, tear and bend around your large household furniture and decor items. Simply fold the grid over any corner and use our Bio-degradable eco-tape to secure the recocubes in place. Recocubes are the ideal solution for protecting your furniture from corner and rail damage before they're wrapped with moving blankets. When you're moving a nice piece of furniture, it's better to be safe than sorry. And for the price, it's the cheapest protection you can buy. When you're done with our recocubes, they make an ideal seed starting tray for your new garden! Just sprinkle some soil in each cube, cut up a few of our recolabels ( or plant your own seeds) water and start a new flower garden! Pretty cool hugh? Another ingenious sensible, fun and original Earth-friendly packing solution from Rent-A-Green Box.



"the replacement for petroleum based Styrofoam packing peanuts and foam wrapping"

Expandos are the ultimate solution for protecting your most valuable and breakable property in transit- PERIOD! Amazing, Uber Green, and these little recycled triangles support our commitment to "Detox our landfills" and use trash to re-inevent how we pack and move in America. We're honored to be part of this revolutionary product and after 5 years of working with Expandos, we're convinced that this is the "Best in the Box" packing material in the world!Expandos are used to pack and protect crystal vases, Lladro figurines, sport memorabilia and your most prized collection. Think of these little guys as green armored eco protection for your property and for the money, it's half the cost of any petroleum based packing material. We love Expandos and know you will after you see how easy and effective they are when you move!

Here's how we make Expandos. Image all of those cereal boxes, 6 and 12 pack beer carriers, food related packed goods (just about anything that's put into a paper fiber box or paper container). When companies make these boxes, they're always extra material left over that they can't use and it's too expensive to recycle, so it ends up in a landfill or burned. We divert this post industrial material waste from entering a landfill by converting the material into Expandos. These amazing little triangles interlock, brace and block your property from moving around in transit. What's so amazing is that when you're done, just put them back in our Recopacks and we'll reuse them again and again. Eventually, when they wear out, we just recycle them into more Expandos. Or you can use them as garden compost in your new place. Another cool and sensible Zero-Waste Earth-friendly packing and moving alternative from Rent-A-Green Box!

special note about Expandos:

We're so confident about this revolutionary replacement for Styrofoam packing peanuts and corn based packing materials that we packed up a large Recopack with 12 farm fresh organic eggs protected by Expandos and shipped them overnight to New York City TV show producer to prove one point- this is the best packing material in the world. When he opened his Recopack to see if anything had broken in transit, let's just say there was no egg on our face and he made an omelette right on set and included Expandos on our Sundance Channel Eco-Biz Feature (watch tv show here). How's that for our product confidence and commitment!



"the replacement for wrapping/tissue/or packing paper"

This Earth-friendly compostable packing paper is made from 100% recycled newspaper sludge and it's the replacement for wrapping, tissue or traditional packing paper. After newsprint is recycled, about 40% of the material is reusable and the remaining 60% is too mushy to make into more newsprint stock. This "sludge" is either burned or dumped in a landfill. We take this "end of life cycle" waste and remake it into our famous green packing paper called Recopaper. It's just like the Recocubes- but instead of being a sheet of folding cubes, we make it into a flat packing sheet. When you're done unpacking, you can either put it on our Recopacks for us to recycle it or use it as garden compost for your new garden!



"the replacement for traditional moving labels that grow when planted"

When's the last time you pulled off a packing label, tossed it into a garden and saw colorful snapdragons pop up and grow into beautiful bouquet of flowers? Welcome to the first Zero-Waste 100% Bio-Degradable flowering label! I know, everyone is talking about our recolabel-even my kids think this is the coolest thing we've ever brought to market. Simply place your label on the face of each Recopack, mark you contents with our soy based ink pen and remove them when your done unpacking. Till some soil, drop the labels into the fresh dirt and water. Check back in a few days and your snapdragons will bloom in 3 to 4 weeks as a belated welcoming gift for your new place. You can also use your recocube trays to hep grow even more and this is a great interactive project for young people too! Please send us a picture of your label grown flowers and the best picture every month wins a special gift from Rent-A-Green Box! (please send us the picture via our contact link here).



"the replacement for taping a cardboard box"

Instead of messing with that fussy and expensive packing tape use recozips to seal and protect your property during transit. Recozips are made from 100% recycled plastic bottle caps that we remove from all of those hard to recycle plastic bleach, detergent and household chemistry bottles used to make our word famous lime green Recopacks. In the beginning we had a small pile- a few thousand and the more plastic trash we mined from landfills, Spencer realized that we had to do something with all of these colorful bottle caps. He put on his "Green Thinking Cap" and came up with a really smart and simple way to recycle millions and millions of these plastic bottle caps and eliminate petroleum based packing tape from the moving process. Simply guide your recozip into the top hole of each Recopack and pull it tight. When you unpack, cut it with a finger nail clipper or small scissors and return them back to us and we'll recycle them into more recozips. Another innovative and unique green packing product from Rent-A-Green Box!



"the replacement for push, flat or unstable and akward dolly carts"

After thousands of deliveries, we had tried about every dolly made in America. Some had great wheels. Others had amazing support plates and balance- but we couldn't find one that was perfect and practical to transport our Recopacks, so we made our own custom recodolly. Made from 100% recycled oxidized aluminum cans, we've tapped into this non usable "end of life" solid waste stream before it's shipped to China. Now, we're using this aluminum to make one of the easiest, comfortable and practical dollies in the world. Our process and determination to re-invent a better way to transport our Recopacks was simple. Step one, locate the best wheels in the world-check. Step two, design a custom support plate that fits all 3 sixes of Recopacks-check. Finally, design and hand craft comfortable, maneuverable and consumer friendly handle and test it for years until we crafted the best for our clients to use during there moves. Are we proud of the herculean accomplishment to product design? You Betcha, because we use recodollies to deliver environmental consciousness in a box everyday, it worth the time and money to make a an amazing dolly. Our accountant said your nuts to spend that kind of money on a dolly and I say our customers will love them and that's all that matters- right?

Poopy Pallet

poopy pallet

Ahhh our famous Poopy Pallet. The topic of so much debate from the first delivery of used baby diapers to my misspelling the word "poopy" on our last website. When a local landfill sent me some samples as a joke, they said "let's see what Spencer makes with this stuff- hahaha". At that time, all we had was our Recopack (in one size) and needed a way to transport large orders around town. I looked at the pile of cleaned, sanitized baby diapers and noticed that the plastic shell was actually anaerobic. Up to this point, even though I had twins, i never really looked at the type of plastic. Basically, baby diapers will never break down in a landfill- ever. When I researched national landfill impact reports, baby comprise 1.7% of our total solid waste in landfills and they will never breakdown- ever! I decided to experiment with a few types of recycles plastic and created the first poopy pallet. We focused on cleaning, sanitizing and mastering the process. From 700 used to over 1,500 used baby diapers per pallet, we've made a remarkably strong and durable moving pallet!


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