Small Moves: 10 to 80 Recopacks
Good Cause Box Program – 2017

Moving on a Budget? Need to pack and move super fast? Tired of dumpster diving for dirty boxes? Welcome to Good Cause Box, the first Zero-Waste, on-demand moving box rental system in America!

How it works is simple. You book and pay online and then pick-up our famous green boxes called Recopacks from our local partners and then return them to the same location when you’re done unpacking from your move, remodel or special project. 

When returning your order, Good Cause Box is designed so you can use our Recopacks to bring back any unwanted clothing, household items or small electronics. You get a TAX DEDUCTION for your donations and a person with a handicap or special needs gets an opportunity to work, learn and contribute to society. Your donations generate local and immediate opportunities and revenue for a Good Cause, as well as keeping your donations from being tossed into our landfills. Everyone wins with our Earth-Friendly, on-demand, Zero-Waste moving box system. Moving green has never been as easy, affordable and socially effective.

Please fill out the quick order form below and we will locate the closest location for your pickup and then return. 

Orders are booked and confirmed on a first come first serve basis.

Don’t have a car? No worries, we have partnered with Task Rabbit (a fabulous, local on-demand pickup and delivery service). We can hook-you up with a $20 credit for first time clients. We’ll send the code with your order.


Order as many Recopacks as you need in stacks of 10

1 Speed undercart comes with each stack of 10 Recopacks

20 Flowering eco-labels with each stack to identify your packed items

Green packing and moving tips guide e-mailed as a PDF

Tax deduction forms for your donated items


Pickup time is set when order is booked and paid

Hours will vary by location. Most locations are open 7 days a week

Valid drivers licence is required & minor security deposit required

Rented on a weekly basis with no proration or partial orders

Same day orders may be subject to a rush processing fee


Good Cause Box Order Form:

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Large Residential/Commercial Moves

Moving a larger home, office or commercial business? RENT A GREEN BOX is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to pack and move anything, anywhere at anytime. We created the industry 14 years ago, built it over the past decade and continue to lead it by making over 35 products with a purpose from post consumer trash to help YOU pack and move without trashing OUR planet! Renting A Green Box is always cheaper and faster than buying new or used cardboard boxes by reducing your labor costs, as well as protecting your valuable property!

All RENT A GREEN BOX orders come with our famous integrated speed under carts, flowering Eco-Labels for identification, Zip-Ties and our helpful eco-packing and moving instructions to make your upcoming move ultra efficient and eco-friendly. It’s moving made simple with Rent A Green Box!

Delivery Costs:

Ground floor delivery and pick-up is included with our large residential and commercial moves within our local service areas. If we have to enter an elevator, climb stairs, or have a long carry through an industrial complex, our Eco-Agent will quote this as an additional carry fee. Orders outside of our service area, as well as Downtown Los Angeles, any canyon or hilly areas have an additional fuel consumption charge.

Packing Material Deals:

Ask your Eco-Agent about our innovative packing materials that can be added to your order. Our Eco Mattress Bags, Furniture Storage Bags, Canvas Sacks and Packing Paper are the #1 selling moving products in the nation. Let us know what you’re packing and we'll help you customize the right packing materials for your specific move. If you don’t use all the supplies, we’ll credit you back!

Products For Sale:

We also sell our famous Eco-packing materials. Let's talk and figure out what works for you and your budget! We can drop ship these anywhere in the nation, prior to your move. If you’re nice, we’ll even pay for your shipping costs too!

Packing Material Deals:

Need more Recopacks for your move? Don't worry, just ask your Eco-Agent and we'll add them to your order. Additional charges vary based on quantity ordered.

Need Extra Time With Recopacks?

Delays happen during a move or remodel. We know this after 13 years of helping America pack and move without waste. If you need to extend your rental time, don't stress. We can update your order for additional weeks. Just e-mail your Eco-Agent and they will adjust your invoice.

3 Simple Steps To Get Started

Our system is remarkably simple and a lot easier than using new or used cardboard boxes to pack and move anything.

Step 1: Determine how many Recopacks you’ll need for your move. Most people need between 10 to 35 large Recopacks to move their boxable items.

Step 2: We offer 2 programs. If you have a smaller move, please order from our Good Cause Box program above. If you have a larger move, please order from our RENT A GREEN BOX program.

Step 3: Fill out our simple online order form based on your move. It's just that simple! It's moving made simple without trashing OUR planet.


Your Name:
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Start Packing:
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About With This Move?
Are you human?
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